2. Know what car you're looking for You can find a list of what’s for sale online, either at Govsales.gov (if it’s a federal police auction) or through your local agency/county/department (just Google it). You need to have a decent idea of what you’re wanting to pick up, or you won’t have time to properly vet everything, which could get messy. See above.

If you are unable to claim your property, you may designate another person to the claim the property for you. In this case, you must provide your agent with a notarized letter authorizing that person to claim your property for you. The agent must present the notarized letter and proper photo identification to the evidence personnel in order for the property to be released.
Sierra is the sole auction outlet for Seized vehicles from the Attorney General of the State of Arizona, Department of Public Safety (DPS), the Counter Narcotics Alliance (CNA), City of Phoenix, City of Mesa, and the vast majority of Government and Police agencies statewide! Additionally, Sierra has partnered with numerous charity organizations to auction donated vehicles.
If you are a Accountable Property Officer (APO) at a DC Government department or agency, please use the Property Disposal Action (PDA) Form to identify and report the personal property owned by or in the custody of their Department/Agency (which has been determined to be excess to its needs/requirements) to the SPD and to request a disposition determination from the SPD. To view and download the Property Disposal Action (PDA) Form, click here.
In some cases, the auctions are operated entirely by the government agency, such as the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), where as in other cases, a third party independent site aggregates government goods for auction from multiple sites on their site.  Those independent sites will either direct you to the government site, another third-party company or they’ll handle the auction themselves.
This information covers the policies and procedures for agency disposal and turn in of items through Surplus Property. If items are brought to Surplus Property, the next step is to get a login and password to the Surplus database (Reuse). If agency is a local government (Cities, counties, special districts, etc.) please see information under "Local Governments" below.
Police auctions tend to conjure up images of beat up cars confiscated from drug dealers and mint condition police cruisers that—for one reason or another—never saw service. The reality lies somewhere in the middle, and there are some good deals to be had so long as you're careful, and absolutely sure about what you're doing. Let this list be your insurance.
PropertyRoom.com works with police departments across the country to auction off the items they have seized or recovered. All of the items are examined by experts and anything that is fake is destroyed. PropertyRoom.com gives a portion of the proceeds from the auction back to the police department's local community. Many of the items on the site start at $1 with no reserve.  
Ideally, have a look at the things that will certainly be supplied at a public auction beforehand. A lot of them supply leaflets noting the most effective products they need to create public rate of interest in the public auction. Attempt to appear a minimum of one hr early so you could take an up close consider the different products that will certainly be up for sale. By doing this you could with confidence bid on them when they get to the public auction block.
Clark County Treasurer’s Office trustee property auctions are generally held once a year in the spring, with possibly another one in the fall.  By state law, real properties that have delinquent taxes (including applicable penalties, interest, and costs/fees) remaining at the end of three consecutive fiscal years is deeded into the name of the Clark County Treasurer as trustee.  These properties become eligible for sale at public auction unless the total amount owed is paid in full. 
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Please be advised that you may experience a short wait time. Please also be advised that there may be some instances where the Property and Evidence staff may be called away from the Safety and Justice Building to assist with off-site support for crime scene investigations. If this happens on the day of your appointment, we apologize in advance. Please schedule a new appointment.
The last 9 positions (00-123-4567) are the National Item Identification Number (NIIN) and identify the specific item. The first two positions of the NIIN identify the NATO country code; e.g., 00 and 01 are assigned to the United States. The NIIN does not follow a logical sequence as the FSG and FSC do. The same NIIN is never used for more than one FSC at the same time.
We would be pleased to advise you with the logistical information necessary to settle any estate. Our experts are qualified to advise you on the disposition of any Real Estate, Jewelry, Silver, Antique Furniture, Porcelains, Oriental Rugs, Paintings, Prints, etc. Should your needs require eventual sale by auctions of all or part of any estate, our auctioneers will be happy to serve you. FERRELL AUCTION COMPANY, Inc. Antique & Estate Auctions 5505 W. Highway 34 LOVELAND, COLORADO ferrellauction@ferrellauction.com Phone: (970) 635-0044 (970) 622-0908 fax Special Request
The General Service Administration is the biggest national sales agency and you can check out fleet sale cars and trucks on their website. Online versions of the auction can be located through the GovSales website. Finding former police cars for sale is down to how often those local auctions are held, but you can also try eBay Motors. Government car auctions are there in the motors section for you to search through. You can search by ZIP code, type of car, miles from your destination or make and model of the car you require.